Pip Unwin – Natural Horsemanship Trainer

Pip offers an exceptional new way of working in harmony with horses. She has over forty years experience and is passionate about learning through our relationship with them. She uses her unique method of working, alongside you in a highly supportive way, in order to develop the best possible relationship with the horse.


Pip’s teaching allows both horse and handler to work together to deepen their understanding of each other. Opening the lines of communication and recognising how human actions can inadvertently influence the response of the horse, results in an effective way of working. There is no blame or punishment in Pipp’s Way, just reward and a glorious sense of achievement for both parties.  


Pip can take you to a level of connection with horses you may never have believed was possible. She will ensure the time you spend with horses is always a joy. She places no limit on where you can go with your horsemanship. Whatever you want to achieve, Pip will be able to support your dreams and take your relationship with horses to another dimension.


About Pip


Pip’s Horses

Riding school

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Riding/Training School With A Difference

Natural Classical Horsemanship Trainer Full riding school license and fully insured


What is Classical Natural Horsemanship?

Working in harmony with the horse in the horses own natural way of being. 'To truly be together as one'  


Pip's teaching is very rewarding

Pip's teaching allows both horse and handler to understand each other in order to open the lines of communication and to recognise how the human action can inadvertently influence the response of the horse. There is no blame or punishment just reward and a glorious sense of achievement for both. I teach all aspects of horsemanship from ground handling to tack fitting to confident riding at every level to managing injuries and disease to nutrition to pasture management.  


I offer a 1 on 1 service at your own home or livery yard

with your own horse/s, or, alternatively you can bring you horse to my yard but if it is a problem horse then I prefer to see you and your horse at your home first to assess the situation. I will advise you on behaviour problems as well as general horsemanship, riding (classical horsemanship) and care, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced horse person, please call or email me for more details  


I also offer Reiki to Horses, dogs and their owners.

Please contact me for more details and rates.  



I can offer the following types of livery for horses and ponies.
  • Problem Horse’ and problem solving
  • Breaking
  • Schooling
  • Full/Part Holiday(while owner away or unable to look after their horse for a while)
  • Rehabilitation after illness or injury
  • Please contact me for more details and rates.  


    Natural Horsemanship Training Days

    Bring your own horse or work with one of ours and spend the day working with and around Pip for the day getting a feel for Natural Horsemanship approaches. Hack out with Pip in glorious countryside – through streams and woods, through quiet country lanes and up and down hills. Watch and learn as Pip works the horses, perhaps ride some of them and absorb the atmosphere of the yard.    


    The Aims of My Teaching

    Many of my Clients come to me with "problem" horses, but few recognise that the owner may be part of the problem. My teaching aims to allow both Horse and Handler to understand each other and to open the "lines of communication" between both. The rewards of this are enormous, one being the glorious sense of achievement by both horse and human.  


    Less Is More

    One of the key elements of this training is self awareness. Once you begin to recognise where you are holding tension and fear you will be able to deal with it, therefore becoming more relaxed. You'll then be more comfortable around your horses and they around you. You'll find that you will save both energy and money because you're no longer looking outside yourself for "quick-fix" solutions as there will be a greater level of harmony in your relationships.